For those companies that would like ASSET to provide training on a steady schedule or when special circumstances arise, give us a call. We will quote you a package price in writing that will be good for 1 full year from the date the quote was written. When you allow ASSET to partner with you, we share your time and space which will provide onsite support for your employees. Keep in mind, ASSET does not charge for meals or unexpected "Per Diems". Overnight stays are billed exactly at cost, mileage is charged at $0.56 per mile for anything over 25 miles [one way charge only]. Every effort is made to use reward points and other arranged discounts with hoteliers so we can pass the savings on to you and your employees.

International Partners

Consult your agreement for details specific to your situation. Prices are based in USD and require 50% up front deposit before any work is conducted. This would include lesson plans, trip arrangements, etc. Consultation if conducted via telecommunications such as Skype and "GOTOMEETING" is billed according to the MOU [Memorandum of Understanding] signed prior to any discussions. Initial consultations up to the first hour are complimentary. If you prefer to conduct a meeting or consultation at your USA based mission or Embassy, ASSET LLC will require $200.00 travel expense deposit prior to confirming the meeting with the expense balance due upon the conclusion of the meeting. All receipts and expense reports will be provided to your accounting or financial advisor immediately upon request.


ASSET is ready to be your contracting partner anywhere you need us to be. Our years of experience in government RFI/RFP responses as well as our dedication to becoming your go to training support is ideal. Our pending status as a Woman Owned Disadvantage Business can only increase your chances of being a successful bidder on that next contract. Unlike other DBE firms, ASSET expects to participate with you - we do NOT loan our name or proposals just to win a bid. We expect to earn our income with meaningful work.

Thinking Ahead

Combining training makes good economic sense these days. ASSET will be happy to set up an account with you in order for you to prepay for any courses in a given year. If you decide later to close your account and go elsewhere, no problem an immediate credit will be issued to you. If your plans do not work out, come back and see us you will always be welcomed back to train with ASSET.

Initial/Basic Courses Offered
Initial Courses Offered by ASSET LLC #88-1822
Renewal Courses Offered

Prices are based in USA and are subject to change and special offers. Posted prices do not reflect international rates or rates based on contractual subject matter offered in foreign [non USA] locations.

Attendance and Payment Policies

Attendance and punctuality is always important, however; ASSET-LLC understands life has a certain way of throwing sudden unexpected events at us which force us to change our plans. Effective communication is the next step, if you have to cancel a course that you have already paid for just let us know 24-hours in advance for a full refund or credit towards the next available training date. If we have to cancel a course, we will reach out to you as quickly as possible to confirm your full credit was issued. If you are late for a course, without prior communications to the instructor, the instructor reserves the right to bar you from the course, offer you a reschedule but no refund will be offered. If you are removed from a course because of unprofessional or unsafe conduct, no refunds will be offered nor should they be expected. If the course is firearms related, and you have to repeat the qualification portion of this course; there is a $50.00 an additional cost. If you fail a second time, you must repeat the entire course of study and pay the full price of that course.


Renewal Basic Unarmed Security Officer - 4 Hours

  • Others $50.00
  • ASSET $40.00

Renewal Private Investigator - 8 Hours

  • Others $250.00 and up
  • ASSET $200.00

Renewal Firearms - 4 Hours

  • Others $125.00
  • ASSET $100.00

Renewal Shotgun - 3 Hours

  • Others $100.00
  • ASSET $75.00

Renewal Advanced Handgun - 4 Hours

  • Others $150.00
  • ASSET $100.00

Renewal SCOP - 8 Hours

  • Others $200.00
  • ASSET $125.00

Basic Unarmed Security Officer Training O1E - 18 Hours 

  • ​Others as much as $75.00 
  • ASSET $55.00

Armed Security Officer Training O5E - 8 Hours

  • Others as much as $50.00
  • ASSET $45.00

Private Investigator Training O2E - 60 Hours

  • Others as much as $800.00
  • ASSET $400.00

Basic Fire Arms O7E - 16 Hours

  • Others as much as $225.00 and up
  • ASSET $200.00

​Security Officer Handgun 75E - 24 Hours

  • Others as much as $375.00
  • ASSET $275.00

Shotgun Training O8E - 2 Hours 

  • Others $175.00 to $225.00
  • ASSET $150.00

Advanced Handgun Training - 24 Hours

  • ​Others as much as $225.00
  • ASSET $200.00

Special Conservator of the Peace - 24 Hours

  • Others as much as $300.00 and up
  • ASSET $250.00