Security Supervisory and Management Skills: In this course, we will explore what it takes in today's security industry to be a successful supervisor and manager. Using common sense leadership skills, we will explore both the similarities and differences between a leader and a manager; the different styles of leadership and of course how someone can always improve their leadership skills. 

VIP and Facilities Protection: This five day program focuses on risks with a host of persons considered to be important because of high rank, office or because they have committed some act which in turn made them infamous. We will focus on preventing a committed foe who has the mindset involving self-destruction from harming a client, a facility or the community. These foes require your team to have specific preparation and advanced tactical and security training. Prior to September 2001, there is no room for compromise when survival and security is at risk. Since Pan Am flight 103 in 1988, since the twin-towers in 2001, since the Moscow theatre hostage stand off in 2002 or since the horrible acts on September 1, 2004, in what became known as the Beslan school hostage crisis [32 Chechen separatists took 1,300 children and adults hostage at Beslan's School Number One] or the unexpected criminal act of the UAE mall murder of an innocent American school teacher the world now agrees there can be no compromise with safety.  Cost is based on number of participants and location of training site.

Business Ethics vs Personal Ethics:  What is Ethics? The term ‘Ethics’ boils down to ‘knowing the difference between what is right and wrong’. But this right and wrong are different from person to person, and how does this affect your business and that of your clients' businesses?

Core Skills of Investigation & Evidence Gathering: This two day course will focus on the key principals every police officer, safety officer and community security officer should know to undertake effective investigations. Each attendee will understand the investigative mindset and the rationale for having clear objectives during an investigation. Cost is based on number of participants and location of training site.

Let's face it, whether you are a single individual, a large corporation or a small community police agency budgeting education is a harsh reality. You need to continually train and improve to remain an asset and not a liability. Do you want to go with a company that claims to be the "largest law enforcement training company or a company that changes it's name to avoid the scandals of its former self? We think not.

Cell Extraction Training: While cell extractions are not new, a series of lawsuits and cases around the country are demonstrating the dangers of their widespread use, especially with mentally ill inmates. States like Ohio, Texas and Florida have opted to sell off state owned and operated prisons to private for-profit corporations. Recent news shows and newspaper articles question the quality of training the for-profit correctional officers receive. In most institutions, extraction is viewed as a last resort due to the high risk of danger to the officers and inmates involved. If it has to be done, let ASSET's experienced team of correctional supervisors and front line staff become your first choice in training.  The training ASSET provides under Mr. Jeffrey Suprenant [a 15 year police veteran and correctional supervisor] emphasizes the need to defuse the situation in other ways if possible, and how to properly supervise the extractions. This two day course will empower each attendee to effectively demonstrate the activation of the cell extraction team. Know each members responsibility and effectively execute the three and five man extraction while developing other skills. Cost is based on number of participants and location of training site.

Developing Policing Skills: The aim of this working forum will focus on tasking and coordinating, intelligence led policing, information collection, critical incidents and working within the community. Cost is based on number of participants and location of training site.

Unlike the advertised cookie cutter training companies, ASSET LLC training programs try to incorporate your procedures, goals, equipment and working environment into the training. With our exclusive disclosure agreements we will custom develop a variety of training that will enhance your staff's abilities. 


EVOC/Defensive Driving Course: The aim of this 100-hour driver training program is to develop attendees with the special driving skills required to operate a vehicle under very demanding police patrol conditions. Attendees are first tested for visual acuity, glare recovery and reaction time, then receive classroom and hands-on driver training in two phases. Cost is based on number of participants and location of training site. There is a maximum of 12 students per class unless otherwise agreed to in writing prior to the course starting. Due to the complexity of staging this course there is a 50% deposit required that is non-refundable should the sponsoring agency/company cancel after a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] has been signed.

Behavioral Skills for Police: This one day program focuses on communications skills that both public law enforcement and corporate security staff can use to be effective in settling conflict, reduce incidences that often result in violent and aggressive outcomes. Cost is based on number of participants and location of training site.

Workplace Violence: This has been a  is a growing concern for employers & employees nationwide. The U.S. Department of Labor defines workplace violence as “any threat or act of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at [a] worksite.” The FBI further separates workplace violence into four categories based on victim-perpetrator relationship. These depend on whether a perpetrator: has no prior relation to an establishment or its employees (Type I); is a patron of an establishment (Type II); is a current or former employee (Type III); or is having a personal relationship with an employee (Type IV). - According to preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 375 workers were killed in shootings while on the job in 2012. Robbers were the assailants in 33 percent of the workplace homicides involving shootings in 2012, while coworkers accounted for 13 percent. There were two incidents in 2012 where at least 5 people were killed in workplace shootings; a total of 12 workers died in these two incidents. From 1992 to 2012, 140 government workers were shot and killed by a coworker while on the job. This does not include the sudden and horrific assaults at the US Navy Yard in 2014.

Whether its classroom based theory or on the job practical tasks, all training must have two things; a willing participant and an enthusiastic instructor.

Harassment and Discrimination: In this course, we will explore the Civil Rights Act with specifics to Title VII, define and explore the term "discrimination", "harassment", how both are used in "sexual harassment" as well as discuss guidelines for behavior. We will also discuss  internal investigative techniques when employees file a complaint of harassment. Learn how to recognize common types of discrimination, retaliation, and harassment.

Developing Policing Skills:  This two day program focuses on the leadership of an organization whether that organization is a community based police agency or a private security firm providing services to a gate community. Both share the mission of providing for a safe stable community while reducing crime and promoting confidence in public service. Cost is based on number of participants and location of training site.

A Security Mindset with Customer Service Goals: In this course, we will explore what is really meant by "it's not my job" when it comes to ensuring your survivability in the marketplace mixed with keeping your client happy.


ASSET emphasis practical training not boring mind numbing power point presentations. Let our staff of instructors use their over 300 years of combined experience to empower your community police force or corporate security personnel with realistic training for any crisis situation. Our hands-on seminars and workshops for law enforcement related personnel will provide your team with quality consultancy and training solutions on a broad range of today's security and safety concerns.

Our staff has experience in VIP, facility protection, convey security, risk/fraud investigations, criminal profiling, cyber crimes, practical police skills, advanced firearms training, active shooter and much more. Our instructors have taught in the United States, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, the Philippines, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Regardless if you are looking to better your employment situation as an individual, train veteran police officers [reserves, auxiliary full or part timers], or maybe you are looking to train veteran community corrections or prison staff we encourage you to review our website and inquire as to how we might be able to help you. Training dates and training objectives can be developed specifically to your needs. Each training session will provide an instructor to student ratio to help the attendees have more opportunity for one on one dedicated training. An approved linguist or translator will also be provided. All learning material will be pre-approved by you [or local governmental authority] and will be provided to each attendee in English as well as the native language of choice.

Specialty Courses